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This Manifesto has been developed in order to constitute a tool to bring together various public/private actors and citizens sharing a common vision on building a regional innovation hub supported by Open Scientific Data to drive research, innovation and new business.

The Lazio Pulse aims to develop a dynamic ecosystem of public and private actors for improving Research and Innovation, based on the value and knowledge generated by cross-disciplinary Open Scientific Data. This ecosystem will constitute a scientific pole of excellence which, through open innovation, will contribute to the national and international competitiveness of the Lazio Region by supporting growth of new businesses.

Lazio Pulse will operate as a central node of a public and private network that, by exploiting Open Scientific Data, will increase the collaboration among business and society, develop new opportunities for the territory, thus enhancing the existing skills and infrastructures.

The context of the initiative:

  • the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, enabler for the main regional production chains[1], can offer huge opportunities to solve the growing societal challenges, create a new economy based on innovation[2] and support young talents to create startups and business opportunities;
  • the growing digitization needs of the business world and reindustrialization of processes, by developing smart factories and repositioning companies to maintain their leadership in the technological and productive areas of specialization[3];
  • the huge value related to the knowledge and market of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary products promoting fertile environments and systems able to integrate resources and skills for generating new ideas;
  • the involvement of society in a research and innovation participatory process[4] (co-design of knowledge and citizen science) to place the Rome area as a leader in communicating and disseminating science and technology throughout Europe.

Lazio Pulse strengths:

  • a public-private partnership at local level with critical mass of laboratories, universities, research centers and organizations, as well as SMEs and large innovative companies in ICT residing in the Lazio Region and participating in the project;
  • the high interest[5] shown by the scientific community, the business world, municipalities and institutions of the Lazio Region in promoting a joint action to enhance the existing knowledge, capabilities and infrastructures through the sharing of Science data[6];
  • the interest of the scientists to disseminate the information collected, by facilitating the publication of research results through open data accessible to all levels of society;
  • the creation of new research and innovation transfer models for improving the cooperation among business, research and finance worlds, and accomplish the match between demand, supply and the need to accelerate the access to the market.

Lazio Pulse aims to foster the development of new skills and business opportunities by educating “data scientists” and generating new value for young talents in the new emerging ICT sectors (Big Data, IoT, Cloud Computing, HLPC), thus increasing the economic growth of the “Third Sector” through new IT solutions and applications.

By engaging the society in co-designing IT products and services, Lazio Pulse will develop new ideas, guaranteeing a bigger impact on our society and private economy (mobility, smart cities, security, intelligent buildings, home automation).

Lazio Pulse will benefit from the existing organisational, logistics and economic resources to build a sharing network among the local actors as part of the “eScience”, “eBusiness” and “eSociety” task forces, and at the same time enabling this network to be active in regional, national and international actions, for ensuring that the initiative will be sustainable over time.

The original and winning main characteristic of Lazio Pulse, compared to similar initiatives, is the direct connection between the scientific production, market and society, the great offer and the plurality of the actors involved. We provide below a list of the actors participating in the Lazio Pulse initiative.

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